Week of 6/4/18
Students will complete their group work and prepare to present their lessons to the 7th grade first and then to the targeted audience.

Week of 5/28/18
Last week student groups were randomly selected.
Each group will be working on presenting a chapter in our Religion book and determining a way to assess how well they presented the material.
Presentation will begin the week of June 4th.

Week of 5/21/18
Test on Ch 4 on Wednesday 5/23

Week of 5/14/18
This week we will be continuing explore the Faith of the Church (Chapter 2) and extend our lesson to discovering how God reveals Himself to us in The Word of God (Chapter 3)
We will have a Ch 2 & 3 Test on Thursday 5/17

Week of 5/7/18
Those students who have not recited the Apostles' Creed will do so on Monday 5/7
This week we will be completing Chapter 1 and have a Ch 1 quiz on Wednesday 5/9

Week of 4/30/18
Students will be exploring Chapter One 
Chapter 1: Faith in History 
Upon completion, students will have a Ch 1 Quiz
On 5/4 (Fri) Students will have to recite the Apostle's Creed (This will be assessed as an oral quiz)

Week of 4/23/18
4/23/18 HW:Create 6 notecards for Quiz game tomorrow as directed in class
We will continue to work on Ch 12.  Quiz on Ch 12 will be on Wednesday
 Study for quiz on Ch 12 Wednesday 4/25

Week of 4/16/18
Students need to create six questions on six notecards- 3 fill in the blank for vocabulary and 3 multiple choice regarding anything that we highlighted/stressed in the chapter
There will be a quiz on Ch 11 Wednesday 4/18

Week of 4/9/18
We will be reading Ch 11: The Letter to the Hebrews throughout the week.
There will be a quiz on Ch 11 next Wednesday 4/18

Week of 3/19/18
3/20 HW Read pgs 122-125 and answer Faith Connection and Faith Journal questions.  
We will be working on Chapter 10 this week and will have a test on Chapters 9 and 10 next Monday 3/26.

Week of 3/12/18
3/14 HW - Complete classwork.  Read (and summarize in your notebooks) the three different parts referred to on pg 113 of CH 9 of the Letter to the Philippians.

We will begin learning about St. Paul's letter to the Philippians (Chapter 9)

Week of 2/26/18
We will complete Ch 8 on Tuesday 2/27 and have a test on Ch 7 & 8 on Thursday 3/1

Week of 2/20/18
We will be completing Ch 7 this week and moving onto Ch 8
DUE on Monday 2/26 - Answer Question on pg 102 and answer Faith Connection questions on pgs 103 and 104 in notebboks
Next week, we will have a test encompassing everything we learned in Ch 7 & 8

Week of 2/5/18
We will have a quiz on Chapter 6 on Monday 2/12

Catholic Schools Week
We will be working on a variety of projects during Catholic Schools Week
Make sure to bring in at least 2 magazines and a roll of scotch tape by Tuesday, 1/30/18.

Week of 1/15/18
Our Class will continue to learn about Luke's Gospel and the Acts
Ch 4 & 5 Test on Tuesday 1/23

Week of 1/8/18
Homework for 1/9/18  Complete pg 55 
Our class will conclude our discussions of the Gospel of Matthew and move onto Luke and the Acts (Chapter 5) towards the later part of this week.

Week of 1/3/18
Our class will continue to discuss the Gospel of Matthew

Week of 12/18/17
We will be reading about the Gospel of Matthew
We are reading the Bible to fully understand several chapters in Matthew's gospel

Week of 12/11/17
We will be reading about the Gospel of Matthew
We are reading the Bible to fully understand several chapters in Matthew's gospel
Quiz on the Beatitudes on tomorrow
(Study the Beatitudes)

Week of 12/4/17
We will continue to study the Liturgical Calendar and the season of Advent
Quiz on Liturgical Calendar and the season of Advent on Friday
(Study the notes that we took in class and the worksheets that we went over)

Week of 11/27/17
We will begin learning about the Liturgical Calendar and the season of Advent
Religious Icon project past due (it was due on 12/1)

Week of  11/20/17

Study for Ch 3 test tomorrow. 11/21/17

Week of  11/13/17
We will be begin analyzing Mark's gospel and his portrayal of Jesus (Chapter 3).

IF you did NOT submit your Thankfulness essay today, it's LATE (-5 points for each day late)
Final draft of Thankfulness essay due on Tuesday 11/14/17


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Please "Share" your Saint Google Slide Presentation with me at

 It is due tomorrow, October 20th.  Please submit it by midnight tonight.  Thank you!

This project will count as a quiz grade.

Study for Ch 2 test on Friday

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